Dan Dan Noodles – Classic Style

One of the really great parts of Chinese cooking is that many of the dishes don’t require much meat. Often 50-100g in a dish.

This is great for health and the budget, but it does mean that you can often struggle to finish the meat that you buy.

So I still had (and still do) have some pork left, so I decided to cook the regular classic Dan Dan noodles tonight:

Dan Dan Noodles

And we had some left over Chilli Oil from the Radish dish, so we used it with baby cucumbers to make a Cucumber Chilli Oil Salad:

Cucumber Chilli Oil Salad

And my partner wanted more veggies, so I stir fried some Bok Choy with a basic Corn Starch thickening paste:

Stir Fried Bok Choy

And of course, a picture of me gloating over my creations! 🙂

Gloating over my creations


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