Liver Little

Yep Terrible joke. Totally punintentional 🙂

Today I cooked a dish that I wouldn’t naturally cook up.

My partner Susan really loves liver, and so I cooked up this Chicken Livers with Chinese Chives dish from Fuschia Dunlop’s “Every Grain of Rice”.

You’re supposed to leave it pink in the middle, and it was so deliciously tender, and had a velvety mouth feel. By adding the 1.5 tbsp of ground chilli powder it also packed an awesome chilli punch. Absolutely delicious!

Chicken Livers with Chinese Chives

To balance it out I cooked up some broccoli and some baby bok choy with garlic sauce:

Garlic Sauce Stir Fried Vegetables

Two very simple dishes – but came out great.

I’m now a huge fan of liver!