Publishing screencast videos at the speed of thought

Publishing at the speed of thought!

The new version of Jing Pro publishes straight to youtube and flickr

The result: you can now take a screencam video and publish it to youtube and to your blog in just a few minutes.

The lower the barrier to entry to content publishing, the more likely you’ll publish your little insights and “gems” that will benefit others.

Combine it with a great publishing platform like blogo and you can embed your content in your blog.

This is truly revolutionary.

The downsides:

  • Youtube videos can take a while to render – if you need to have instant access to your videos you might want to publish to instead.

  • Blogo doesn’t recognise the embed codes for flickr. I just copy the flickr URL and then use the “Send to Blogo” button that you can install in your menu bar.


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